'Get Laid' Lawn Bowls Tournament

Published on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 at 2:50:02 PM

Come on down to Murchison Settlement on Wednesday 10th August for the 'Get Laid' Lawn Bowls Tournament.

This community event will be run by Camp Quality wesCarpade.

“Every year there is a special group of people that spend the whole year fundraising for Camp Quality. This group of awesomeness is known by wesCarpades. Now, the Weskies will fundraise through different ways, from Bunnings sausage sizzles, raffles, golf days to Giggle Balls. Fundraising is never too hard and not a single cent will ever be taken for granted. To celebrate the year of fundraising we adventure out with twenty plus year old cars themed from Shrek and Bob the Builder to the Croc Hunters, and the list goes on. We range from the young to the old and some almost heritage listed. Last year we raised, with a combined effort, a total of about $170,000 for Camp Quality.”

- Chris Jenour, Team Toy Story, General Manager

“This year we are adventuring out your way! During our 7–10-day adventure, we will arrive into the Murchison and are lucky enough to spend a night in your little slice of heaven. While we are stopping, we will be having a lay day at the Oasis Caravan Park and would love to hire, borrow or steal the bowling green to host our Annual “Get Laid Tournament”. The date will be the 10th of August and will be in the afternoon - which means you have no excuse not to be there joining in the fun.”

- Chris Jenour, Team Toy Story, General Manager

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