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The Shire of Murchison consists of pastoral leases, an Aboriginal and a Local Government reserve, areas of vacant crown land and various other reserves with most properties being managed by family units and the main income is from cattle and meat sheep. Our Ancient Land Under Brilliant Skies crest epitomises the rich country and beautiful skies that showcase the uniqueness of our local countryside. Comprising a rich pallet of local landscapes from Errabiddy Bluff with its impressive geological formation,  to the tranquil waters of Bilung Pool the Murchison Shire has much to offer community and visitors alike. 

Located 200 kilometres north of Mullewa, on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road, Murchison Settlement is the location of the Shire office, the community sports club, museum, caravan park and the Oasis Roadhouse. The Settlement is the community hub for the Shire and a gateway to the greater Murchison Shire.

Population: 113 Area: 49,500 km² Distance from Perth: 742 km
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The Shire of Murchison covers a large area of the Murchison sub-region of the central part of Western Australia, 300 kilometres northeast of Geraldton. The shire and the older ‘Murchison’ region and goldfield are now part of the designated Mid West region.

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