Bilung Pool

One of only a few permanent water holes on the seasonal Wooramel River, Bilung Pool makes a great spot for bird-watching.

The Wooramel River carved Bilung Pool out of the red ochre on its 363km journey towards the coast. During heavy rains, a small waterfall tumbles into the pool, which is surrounded by white-barked river gums.

Plentiful birds, mammals and reptiles are drawn to the promise of water or prey on which to feast.

Bilung Pool is also a sacred place for Wajarri people who knew it as Birlungardi and considered it the site of their bimada – the place from which ancient Dreamtime laws and customs originate.

The Wajarri believe Birlungardi is the resting place of the Gujida (Rainbow Snake).

They throw sand into the water to appease the snake and show it respect – and advise visitors to do the same.