Wooleen Lake

Stand on the shores of one of Australia’s few inland freshwater lakes.

The release of geological stress along the Mount Narryer fault some 60,000 years ago altered the flow of the Murchison, Roderick and Sanford Rivers, leading to the creation of Wooleen Lake.

This 5,500-hectare land system receives water on average only once every four years, fills once every 10 years and overfills once every 30 years.

Over 140 birds, 60 reptiles, 14 mammals, 4 fish and 6 frog species are known to visit Wooleen Station and Wooleen Lake for food, water, shelter and breeding.

The lake is also sacred to the Wajarri Yamatji and it is part of a songline, which also includes the Murchison River, Errabiddy Bluff and Budara Rock.

Wooleen Lake is only accessible to guests of Wooleen Station or visitors who pay a daily access fee.

It is a good idea to phone ahead before planning your visit as the lake does not always have water. Please contact (08) 9963 7973 for further information or bookings. 


Wooleen Station 

The station operates seasonal station stays offering different experiences of outback life. For more information access their website or contact the station directly.