Discover Ancient Lands and Brilliant Skies 

The Murchison Geo Region takes you on a journey through a unique and ancient landscape full of stories that reach back almost to the Earth’s beginning some 4.54 billion years ago.

The Geo Region’s self-drive trail visits 21 sites of national and international, natural and cultural significance.

The massive geological forces of colliding continents, long-gone oceans and destructive meteorites are writ large upon the land for us to find. Here we can learn about Jack Hills and the oldest terrestrial material ever found, or marvel at any number of spectacular rock formations including Walga Rock, Mount Yagahong and London Bridge.

For nature lovers, discover unique native flora and fauna across Western Australia’s mulga region.

Spot an array of birdlife at Wooleen Lake or Bilung Pool, track emus, kangaroos and reptiles, and be treated to the dazzling annual display of wildflowers most years, from July to September right across the Murchison. And for that human touch, connect with stories and legends that map thousands of years of human history.

Being auriferous (or gold-bearing), all of the towns in the Murchison were founded on gold and WA’s longest continuous gold mining centre, Mount Magnet, is here in the Murchison.

You can also learn about the world’s oldest continuous underground mining operation at Wilgie Mia, see WA’s only remaining gold battery in action at Paynes Find, or the remains of a fine brewery in Sandstone.

All this and more awaits you when you traverse the Murchison Geo Region.

Things to Know Before Visiting


April to October is the best time of year to visit the Murchison. Temperatures range from 20–33°C during the day and 6–17°C at night. The winter months have the rainiest days, which sees spring bursting with colour. From November to March the temperature often exceeds 40°C. The days are typically dry but tropical cyclones can bring torrential rain. Some sites may be closed during these months due to the extreme weather so please book ahead if you require access or accommodation.

Road Conditions

Most of the sites on the Murchison GeoRegion are accessible for all vehicles. However, a few should only be attempted if you have a 4WD. These sites are marked with a 4WD symbol. Check road conditions before travelling as the condition of unsealed roads varies according to weather, usage and grading.

Restricted Sites

Due to cultural and/or safety reasons, some of the Murchison GeoRegion sites are closed to visitors without prior booking. Please check the information on each site for any booking requirements.

Food and Fuel

Food and fuel are generally available every 100–300km. When travelling in remote locations it is suggested that you carry enough food and water to last at least 48 hours.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Please be aware that mobile phone coverage in the Murchison region is limited. Telstra is the main service provider in very remote locations and some providers have no coverage.


Places Of Interest

Murchison Settlement

This is where everything happens. It is the location of the Shire Office, the Murchison Sports Club, the Murchison Museum and the Murchison Oasis Roadhouse and Caravan Park. Located 200km north of Mullewa on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road.

If you are heading to a meeting, polocrosse carnival or any other major event in the Shire chances are it will be at the Murchison Settlement.

Errabiddy Bluff 

About 1km north of the Murchison Settlement follow the track in to view the magnificent Errabiddy Bluff. This landmark can be seen from distances of over 30km. Have a picnic or partake of the great challenge of scaling the bluff. Abundant wildlife is in this area. Make sure you drive in for a look.

Bilung Pool And Wooramel River Gorges

Approximately 150km north of the Murchison Settlement on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road is Bilung Pool. This natural water feature has year-round water. Picnic facilities are available on-site.

5km south of Bilung Pool are the Wooramel River Gorges. View the magnificent inland river system from the top of the Gorges on the southern side of the river. Look for the signpost to point you in.

Ballinyoo Bridge

Located 80km south of the Murchison Settlement on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road, this bridge was built in the 1930s this was the second-ever concrete bridge constructed in Western Australia.

Permanent pools are at the crossing of the Murchison River. See the wildlife and stock coming to the river to drink.

Wooleen Station

The station operates seasonal station stays offering different experiences of outback life. For more information access their website or contact the station directly.

Old Stock Wells

Two stock wells are accessible to the public travelling on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road. One is 55km south of the Murchison Settlement (follow the signage) and the other is further north between the Berringarra Byro Road turnoff and the Wooramel Gorges.

These wells were used to sustain stock and travellers during early times.