Shire of Murchison

Pia Wadjarri School

When Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School opened its’ doors to students in August Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School2002 a dream was fulfilled for Rachael Papertalk. She and her mother began the original school in order to keep children in the community. Her role as AIEO is a vital one, assisting students, liaising with parents and guiding the new teaching staff.

The school’s distinctive black, red and white uniform with logo designed by student Ike Simpson has been well received by the community. The smart red hats reinforce Sunsafe policy in the school. The school motto “Learn language, live in country, respect elders” reflects the community’s desire for children to grow strong in cultural knowledge. This is interwoven with the school’s educational policy and school priorities of Health and Well Being, Working Mathematically and Critical Literacy. It is also reinforced through the Values outlined in the Curriculum Framework.

Marie flipping pancakes

The schools’ Wajarri language programme is directed by Brenda Papertalk and the students look forward to the visits of elders into the school for story telling and bush trips. The students’ excellent attendance is a source of pride to the school. Staff members include Jenine Comeagain - Education Assistant, Karen Jones – Library Officer, Vanessa Smith – School Officer, Lawrence Merry – Gardener, Sharon Cocking – Registrar, Fred Gorman – Teacher and Gail Cresswell – Teacher/Principal.

The school embraces Global Education, ‘You Can Do It’ and Protective Behaviours Fred and the kids on Pancake DayProgrammes. Students have been proactive in winning a school computer from Market Creation and were the runner-Up school in the Sunday Times Bus Competition. As a result of this huge effort Frontier Services Australia donated the school a small bus. This will assist the many ventures on which this brave little school will embark.

Pancake Day – Murchison Shire

Clock making at the Pia Wadjarri School

The students from Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School travelled 150 kms to participate in Pancake Day at the Murchison Shire Offices. Cooking is an integral part of the curriculum and the students had practised their pancake mixing the day before. Students were eager and ready to try out their skills and Marie the museum caretaker is an adept pancake flipper. She showed the students just how to do it. Although not inundated with customers the students sent off $120.00 in donations to Uniting Care. Murchison Shire CEO Neil Warne, his wife Elsie and Marie are strong supporters of the school. They sat and enjoyed the pancakes with students, teachers Fred Gorman and Gail Cresswell and AIEO Rachael Papertalk. They day was capped off for students when they spotted a bungarra digging for water in the dry sands of the Murchison River. It was captured by the older students and taken home for dinner.