Shire of Murchison

Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School                     

Our beautiful little school is set in a unique natural environment surrounded by sandalwood trees, rocky ridges and prominences, and culturally significant caves, in an ‘Ancient land under brilliant skies.’ right in the middle of the Murchison Shire, in Western Australia.

Our School Origins                                                      

When Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School opened its’ doors to students in August 2002 a dream was fulfilled for Rachael Papertalk. She and her mother began the original school in order to keep children in the community. Her role as AIEO was vital, assisting students, liaising with parents and guiding teaching staff. This role is now undertaken by Julie Ryan AEIO. 


The school’s distinctive logo was designed by student Ike Simpson. 

The school motto “Learn Language, Live in Country, Respect Elders” reflects the community’s desire for children to grow strong in cultural knowledge.

Our Language - WADJARRI                                        

The schools’ ‘Wadjarri’ language programme was originally directed by Brenda Papertalk. This role has now been taken up by Kylie Simpson. Students engage in storytelling, bush trips and cultural activities, welcoming local elders to participate in teaching culture


Our Focus                                                                      

Pia Wadjarri RCS focuses on developing bright futures for our students. Our teachers work to offer their students appropriate and contemporary educational experiences that are based on current research and up to data technology. At Pia Wadjarri RCS, you can expect to:


  • Our students learning enthusiastically in a broad range of activities.
  • Our staff with high expectations and using a wide range of effective teaching methods and strategies.


  • Children’s laughter in the playground, enjoying games;
  • Music being played with sounds of different instruments by children of all ages
  • Confident and expressive children encouraging friends.
  • Teachers celebrating and praising student’s achievements.


  • Valued and welcomed into our school.
  • Our family friendly culture ensures a safe and secure environment for all

Our Strengths                                                                

Our unique school has a number of significant strengths which include:

 Natural beauty with interesting sites and surroundings including water holes, caves, rugged rock hills, seasonal running rivers

  • Peaceful and quiet living environment
  • An intimate learning experience where teachers know each and every student with low teacher - student ratios
  • Experienced, caring and committed teaching and support staff
  • Adapted educational programs which meet the needs of students.
  • Well-resourced facilities and equipment
  • Fantastic, fun loving students who care about one another
  • Close community ties
  • An interesting cultural diversity of experiences extended to students


Current Staff                                                                    

Current staff members include:

  • Julie Ryan – AEIO, (Aboriginal Education Officer)
  • Kylie Simpson – Education Assistant
  • Melissa Firth – Education Assistant
  • Sonia Nelson – MCS, Manager Corporate Services
  • Bradley Barbuto – Gardener and AEIO
  • Edwin Cousens – Senior Room Teacher (Years 4-8)
  • Sean Firth – Junior Room Teacher (Years k-3)
  • Jocelyn Pumpa – cleaner
  • Lulu Saleh – cleaner
  • Fiona Tamminga – Principal


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