The Shire of Murchison has a full-time works crew of 8 plus 2 subcontractors as required. The crew is split into:

3 Man Construction Crew (+2  Subcontractors as required)
Man Maintenance Crew
1 Full-Time Gardener
1 Fitter
1 Work Supervisor

The construction crew construct and reconstruct sections of road within the Shire so that the road system is improved overall. The maintenance crew operates 2 graders, which are working continuously to maintain all roads to the highest possible standard. The plant owned by the Shire of Murchison currently consist of:

1 x 12H Cat Grader (14ft blade)
1 x John Deere 672G 6 Wheel Grader (14ft blade)
1 x John Deere 770G Grader (14ft blade)
1 x 938G Cat Loader
1 x L110E Volvo Loader
1 x UD Nissan Prime Mover
1 x Kenworth Prime Mover
2 x IVECO Powerstar Prime Mover
3 x 21m 3 Semi Side Tippers
1 x Komatsu D85 Bulldozer
1 x Bomag Rubber Tyre Roller
1 x Bomag Padfoot Roller
1 x 30,000ltr Mild Steel Water Tanker (self-filling)
1 x Isuzu Dual Cab Truck (Construction)
1 x Isuzu Dual Cab Truck (Maintenance)
1 x Great Wall 4WD Ute (Gardener)
1 x Toyota 25 Fork Lift
2 x Toyota Prado
1 x Toyota Hilux 4WD Ute
1 x Ford Tractor
3 x 7 x 5 Tandem Trailers
3 x 6 x 4 Box Trailers
1 x Ride-on Lawn Mower
1 x Isuzu 4WD Ute
2 x 20ft Fuel Trailer
2 x Low Loader Floats