Shire of Murchison

Important Notices

COVID 19 - Travel Restrictions

Restrictions will be placed on travel within the entire State of Western Australia, effective from midnight on Tuesday 31 March 2020

 As we move through challenging times, working together to keep people safe, the Premier Hon Mark McGowan has acted on the will of the people to STOP non-essential travel within the WA regions.

 Now more than ever we all need to support and care for each other as we try to navigate challenging times and unprecedented change, with staying safe and keeping healthy being our priority for our WA regional people at this point in time.

 What does this travel restriction from midnight on Tuesday mean?

  • Western Australians will not be permitted to leave their regional boundary.
  • You cannot travel within WA - it must stop immediately and it’s absolutely crucial every Western Australian understands this message.
  • Police have the power to enforce these restrictions if required, with potential fines of up to $50,000 which may be issued.

 Regions impacted

  • Kimberley
  • Pilbara
  • Gascoyne
  • Mid-West
  • Goldfields-Esperance
  • Wheatbelt
  • Great Southern
  • South West
  • Perth and Peel will be treated as one region - due to their proximity and interconnected nature.

 If you:

  • Are currently away from home - you need to come back NOW.
  • Have planned trip - you cannot go.
  • Can postpone bookings with our regional hotels, tours or other providers, rather than cancelling, it will greatly support and assist the recovery of our businesses and regions when this situation subsides - let's all do what we can to make sure our regional businesses and people are still there for everyone when this is over.

 Exemptions - will apply for, among other things:

  • Essential services and workers, including health and emergency services;
  • People living in ‘border communities’, who may not have access to groceries or supplies within their region;
  • Employment purposes;
  • Medical reasons;
  • Transport of essential goods; and
  • Some compassionate grounds.

Remote Aboriginal communities

  • Additional restrictions to remote Aboriginal communities were announced by Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt this week, to provide extra protection to these vulnerable communities.

 Let’s Stay Safe, Stay Well and Keep our Distance and if you don’t need to travel, even if you are from within the Region then please reconsider.

Water Supply in Murchison Settlement


A Restricted burning period is operational in the Shire of Murchison from

1st October 2019 to 30th April 2020

Hazard Reduction Work – Bush Fires Act 1954

As a measure to assist in the control of bushfires or prevent the spread of a bush fire, all owners or occupiers of land within the Shire of Murchison are required to install and maintain firebreaks.

Rural Areas

Three metre wide trafficable firebreaks are required to be installed on the land and to be clear of all flammable material. All buildings require a minimum twenty metre clearance of all flammable material and graded/ploughed/hoed or chemical applied firebreaks should be installed at the outer edge of that clearance.

Advice Is Available

Advice on how to protect your home from fire, and when and how to burn off, is available from the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer (CEO). The CBFCO can be contacted at the Shire Office on 9963 7999.

Barbecues & Incinerators

Gas and electrical barbecues are permitted to be used at any time.

Solid fuel barbecues, incinerators and camp fires are prohibited on days of VERY HIGH and EXTREME Fire Danger.

Burning Off

Burning is prohibited on days of VERY HIGH or EXTREME Fire Danger.


Information on Fire Danger Ratings is available at

Information on Alerts is available at

The ABC radio also issues information and alerts for your area.


Please note, that under the Bush Fires Act 1954, it is the land owner’s responsibility in the first instance to take all possible measures to extinguish a bush fire on your property.

If these measures prove in vain and you require assistance, contact your nearest Bush Fire Control Officer or the Shire Office.

Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Bill Boehm 9963 7999 (business hours)

9963 7977 (after hours)

M: 0428 637 998

Community Emergency Services Manager

Rick Ryan 0438 277 582

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer (north)

Quentin Fowler 9963 7972

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer (south)

Tom Foulkes-Taylor 9963 7019

Captain Volunteer Bush Fire Brgade

Stuart Broad 9963 7310


Thank you for helping to keep the coming bush fire season event free.

Bill Boehm

Chief Executive Officer