Errabiddy Bluff

Errabiddy Bluff’s steep rocky slopes rise up to 100m high and can be seen from over 30km away.

With teeth-like rocks, Errabiddy’s name comes from a Wajarri word meaning ‘mouth of bucked teeth’ and when you see it, you’ll understand why its name is so well suited.

The large sandstone formations make it an excellent picnic spot – and many local animals would agree as it’s a great place to see wildlife such as birds, kangaroos and lizards.

Errabiddy Bluff is also home to a population of Gascoyne or Spreading Gidgee (Acacia subtessarogona), a tree that is usually only found north of Carnarvon, some 530km north-west from Errabiddy Bluff.

Access to Errabiddy Bluff is subject to road conditions. Please check Murchison Shire’s Road Condition Reports to determine status.