The Murchison Museum

About The Murchison Museum

The Museum was constructed in the mid-1980s from rammed earth with the assistance of volunteer labour. The museum collects, preserves and maintains displays of items relevant to the history of the district. The museum also features a herbarium of rangeland plant species.

To visit the museum follow the signs at the Murchison Settlement. An entry fee of $2.00 per person is asked to assist in the upkeep of the museum. Brochures on the local Botanical Walk and Birds of the district as well some local history books are available for purchase.

Please be advised that due to the vacant position of Permanent Curator, the museum will be closed for the summer period (November to April).

For more information contact either of the office-bearers.

Office Bearers 
President Emma Foulkes-Taylor

Phone: (08) 9963 7999
Fax: (08) 9963 7966