Shire of Murchison

Council Elections 2021

Published on Thursday, 9 September 2021 at 9:00:00 AM


Schedule of nominations received


I have received the following nominations for the office of councillor for the Ordinary Election of council to be held on 16 October 2021.



Candidate’s name

Name to appear on ballot paper

Date nomination



Emma Jane Foulkes-Taylor

Foulkes-Taylor, Emma



Michelle Anne Fowler

Fowler, Shelly


Note: The profiles of candidates also appear on the Council website and notice board.




At the close of the nomination period, I can confirm that the number of candidates is less than the number of vacancies (3) and as a result I declare that that the above persons are declared elected unopposed.



Bill Boehm

Chief Executive Officer / Returning Officer


Date    9/9/2021


Nomination Profiles

Emma Foulkes-Taylor

Shelly Fowler

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