Summit Trail on Mt Augustus

The extremely difficult 12.5km Summit Trail is located in the Mount Augustus National Park and takes walkers to the top of the biggest ‘rock’ in the world, Mount Augustus. Only very fit and experienced bushwalkers should attempt this full-day extremely difficult hike. Expect a very steep unformed trail with rock scrambling and minimal directional signage. The trail ascends over 650 metres to the summit which offers extensive views of the surrounding plain and distant ranges. It’s hard work going up, it’s even harder coming back down.

Beedoboodu, East Lyons River WA 6705
Length: 12km(s)
Elevation Gain: 650m
Time: 8 Hours
Difficulty: Extreme

In Mount Augustus National Park, there is a trail worth visiting. Corella Trail is a short 2km trail following the banks of the tranquil Cattle Pool. As the name suggests, Cattle Pool is a large waterhole that exists as a permanent water source to quench the thirst of livestock along the usually dry Lyons River. It is a lovely place to enjoy an easy walk, with the opportunity to see some of the native wildlife along the way.

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