For upcoming events, see our table below!

Wajarri SKA ILUA Signing

Celebration Sausage Sizzle

When: Saturday 5th November 2022

11AM to 2PM (registration opens at 10AM)

Where: The Community Hall, Murchison Settlement

The Biggest Morning Tea 

When: 10AM 23rd June 

Where: Murchison Sports Club 

Annual Polocrosse 

When: 9th and 10th July 

Where: Murchison Settlement 

National Science Week

When: 12PM 3rd August 

Where: Community Hall, Murchison Settlement 

Perth Adventure Riders 

When: 6th and 12th August

Where: Murchison Settlement 


'Get Laid' Lawn Bowls Tournament

When: 10th August 

Where: Murchison Settlement

Stellar Stargazing 

When: 6:30PM to 9PM 14th October 

Where: Community Hall, Murchison Settlement