CSIRO Collaboration

Recently we had the pleasure of continuing to build working relationships with CSIRO, which has resulted in an opportunity for the Shire to work with CSIRO on a range of activities.  This includes creating a feasibility study/business case for a SKA Interpretive Experience assisted by Royalties for Regions Funding through the Mid West Development Commission.  Collaboration for a wider socio-economic and cultural analysis, community capacity audit and a return on investment of future infrastructure development for the Shire is also proposed.

A schematic overview is attached which shows the range of inter-related projects involved…

  • End of December 2021:
    • Project members to read all provided material and identify what data collection tools will be used for the various methods
  • End of January 2022:
    • Implement Stakeholder Engagement Plan
    • Provide the Murchison Council with:
      • Draft interview questions and survey metrics – request review, feedback and comments by mid-February
      • Draft project participation plan – outlining the scope and approaches to recruit project participation - request review, feedback and comments by mid-February
  • End of February 2022:
    • Implement suggested changes to data collection tools and participation list
    • Continue to the implementation stage of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Early-March 2022:
    • Launch recruitment stage
  • Mid-March 2022:
    • Commence data collection
  • End of March 2022:
    • Update Murchison Council on participation rates and request assistance, if required
  • End of April 2022:
    • Commence data analysis (April – May) – summary of preliminary findings presented to the Murchison Council – feedback requested
  • End of May 2022:
    • Finalise data analysis & commence draft reporting  – summary of final findings, as well as the suggested scope, Table of Contents and approach of the Report - presented to the Murchison Council – feedback requested
  • Mid-June 2022:
    • Amended second draft – submitted to the Murchison Council (FYI only, demonstrate addressing comments from previous drafts)
  • End of June 2022:
    • Final Report delivered to the Murchison Council – verbal presentation of the findings could be delivered if requested.

CSIRO Collaboration Document