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The Murchison Council serves 29 stations and a population up to 113, the Shire is approximately 50,000 square kilometres in size. Most properties are managed by family units and the main income is from cattle, meat sheep and some fine wool.

The Murchison Shire is often referred to as the "Shire with no Town" this is because no gazetted townsite exists within the Shire and it is believed to be the only Shire in Australia where this exists.

COVID -19 Update

7 April 2020

Hello All,

 At the risk of stating the obvious a fair bit continues to change as we in Murchison respond to the ever changing COVID-19 Environment.

 Our overriding responsibility is to act to protect our citizens and community by taking practical and common sense steps to help prevent, control or abate the public health risk presented in COVID-19 by limiting its rapid spread. Council will do its best to ensure that we can function as normally as possible and deliver the required works and services to keep the local economy tracking ok.  We think our Shire can strike a reasonable balance between cranking up fairly significant shorter term spending while not leaving ourselves in a weak financial position when conditions pick up again.

 As requested by the State Government, Council agreed to freeze current rate levels for the 2020/21 year.

 We really want to support our local staff who we value highly so have authorised our CEO  to ensure that all have their sick leave provisions adjusted to recognise the difficulties that may arise over the next few months and to reinforce that all jobs are safe.  This will be partly achieved through expanding our works program by bringing forward projects that can stimulate the local economy and hopefully provide some lasting benefits for the community.  This includes several road projects and building works in the Murchison Settlement that have been on the books for some time.

 Unfortunately, the Council Library will be closed to members of the public for now, but we are looking at a little face lift for when it reopens.  Public access to the Council Office may have to be restricted due to the Coronavirus so we have authorised our CEO to make changes if or when new issues arise.  The Murchison Museum Committee are also closing the Museum and the usual volunteer caretakers won’t be coming this year.

 Reluctantly, but taking into account temporary guidelines, we have decided that for the foreseeable future Council Meetings will be conducted remotely.

 Council discussed various specific needs associated with the operation of the Murchison Oasis Roadhouse through the COVID-19 period given that most customer service contact outlets have all but closed. 

 We are appreciative of the work Nicole and Pete do and understand how potentially vulnerable they are, being in a face to face service environment. 

 Going forward the Murchison Oasis Caravan Park will remain closed to members of the public through the COVID-19 period but, subject to the approval of the CEO, the Caravan Park can remain for open for use by contractors that are performing works within the Murchison Shire as well as for emergency situations.  The request from Nicole and Pete to vary the current opening hours in consultation with us has been accepted so please check with them on

T | 08 9961 3875 or E |

We all now know that restrictions are in place on travel within the entire State of Western Australia, and that the WA Border has been closed.  As we move through challenging times, working together to keep people safe, the Premier Hon Mark McGowan has acted on the will of the people to STOP non-essential travel within the WA regions.

 Let’s Stay Safe, Stay Well and Keep our Distance.  If you don’t need to travel, even if you are from within the Region then please reconsider and wash your hands

 We at the Shire are doing all that we can with our limited resources, and we need everyone’s assistance in this trying period.  Now more than ever we all need to support and care for each other as we try to navigate challenging times and unprecedented change, with staying safe and keeping healthy being our priority for our WA regional people at this point in time.

 With this in mind we encourage all to keep updated through the COVID-19 Australian Government Phone App or the WA Coronavirus Website 



Rossco Foulkes-Taylor

Shire President

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